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Detail of lenticular cloud, Lone Pine campground, Whitney Portal Road, Lone Pine, CA. Hey, Moxie! How does this sort of thing happen?
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Lenticular clouds on the Eastern Sierra. I'm hoping my friend Scott can explain how this occurs.
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Recently read an article on the difference between "single" and "unmarried". The author perceived a positive connotation in "single", as in "there's still hope, she's young (read fertile) and pretty (read able to attract a man)", but "unmarried" was reserved for women like Elena Kagan who is not young/fertile and isn't pretty by American standards.

I'm not sure I agree with that author's perception, but like her, I don't see why it should matter in Elena Kagan's case.

Me? I prefer "free-range" over the single/unmarried duality.
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"Edie, don't marry a man you can live with. Marry a man you can't live without."

Considering I married for the first time at (mublemumble-something), I had lived (mumblemumble-something) years without my first husband. Ya think that might have been a clue?

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I've come to the conclusion that privacy on the web is an illusion. This venue, Dreamwidth, is no exception. The developers do have access to private entries, and while I don't doubt that they respect my privacy, I simply chose not to write anything here that I don't mind having the entire world read. What things I want to keep private will never be posted here by my hand. Hence there will be no f-locked posts here.
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Public Service Announcement: As of December 31, 2010, I will no longer post at all to Live Journal. Some time after that, I will delete my Live Journal account. Comments should be made at my Dreamwidth account.
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I've set up two other DW journals; Little_Red_Tent, a mirror of my regular blog, and Do_rocks_dream, which is for some images that I'm thinking of including in a book of the same name some day.

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Some scary shit happening over at LJ--and so I'm taking up residence here. Wish me luck.
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Not for nothing, Europe, but as a survivor of the May 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State, let me give you some important advice regarding volcanic ash.

Don't replace your car's air filter with a new one if it gets clogged with ash from (mumblemumble), the Icelandic volcano. New filters are more porous than used ones. As dust collects, it reduces the size of the pores in the filters, and actually cleans better than a new one. Smaller holes, more dirt trapped. New ones have bigger holes, which allow the ash to enter your engine. Remember, your airports are shut down so that ash doesn't get into the engines of jet aircraft.

Here's what you do: Take the filter out, tap it to knock the ash off. Put it back in. That's it.

All the best to you folks over there. Hope this clears up soon, and you can resume your travels. Be safe, Have fun, and if you don't breathe, you'll die.

Edie in Yosemite.

(American readers, would you kindly pass this to your European friends? They'll thank you.)
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Thank you, Warren. That was lovely.
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30 images specifically formated for vertical and horizontal viewing on your iPad wallpaper; View a preview here. To purchase, use the donate button below to pay $10, and I will send you the URL to the full resolution images.

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This has *got* to be one of the most outrageous temper tantrums I've ever seen; Mike Vanderboegh (Rachel Maddow points out that he's not so Anti-government to refuse his monthly SSI checks) is advocating breaking windows of Democrat headquarters across America: Did you know that Blogger has a "report abuse" button?

Sarah Palin, bless her pointed little ears, is putting rifle scope images on a map of 20 House Democrats. "Don't retreat! RELOAD!".

Louise Slaughter's children have been threatened with "assassination". How's that for "babykiller"? Bart Stupak has received death threats; On reflection, that could have a positive effect. Maybe now he knows how abortion providers feel EVERY DAMN DAY?

It's just been pointed out to me that I am "charmingly naive" when it comes to political violence. In the most recent elections in Zimbabwe, for example, hundreds were killed, thousands were beaten, and woman were dragged off the street and raped. All things being relative, I suppose our brick-throwers are mere small potatoes. However, they are threatening to escalate the violence:

Here's a response written by Mike Vanderboegh on the above web page: "We have a duty to warn people before shooting them. Breaking windows does that."

Now FTW (For the Win) quote: From James Nicoll's comments, this Braveheart/Conan mashup gem--"Modern, soft-bleeding-hearted conservatives. The idea isn't to break windows—the idea is to defenestrate your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their gay partners…" Read the entire thread.
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Yes, you can.

hint: the API Endpoint URL should follow look like this:

Now to test the Flickr interface:
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all the cool kids are moving to Dreamwidth. This is to test that I can post using MarsEdit.
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Dear Mr. Jobs;

I'm a Mac convert. I've owned a G4 Power PC for something like 9 years, and yes, I love it. I've replaced the hard drive once, put in two more hard drives, and upgraded the RAM--all astonishingly easy to do, due to the incredibly good design of the interior. It's a beautiful machine. Kudos of the highest order to your engineers!

I'm running Leopard, and I'm maxed out--I cannot upgrade to Snow Leopard until I get an Intel Mac, and while that's out of my reach, I think 9 years with one machine is pretty good. I can live with Leopard until I save up for a Mac Pro.

However, I'm seeing a trend in the Apple mindset that disturbs me. I grew used to the ability to fully control my PC through the GUI. I could load whatever I wanted, and of course, I could mess with it until I broke it, and then fix it.

To some extent I can do that with my G4; But what really irks me is this--I can't find a way to control when Time Machine does its back-up thing. Nothing in the prefs allows me to dictate when *I* want it to run. I'll be running Lightroom, and all of a sudden it slows to a snail's pace, and I look up and that damn counter-clockwise icon is running.

Yes, Time Machine is a great app. Thankfully I've never had to use it. I'm sure that when I do, I'll bless its foresight for backing up once an hour. But in the mean time, I'm getting frustrated with my work being interrupted. Yes, I know I can turn it off anytime I want. That is not enough. I want to be able to set it to back up twice a day.

I'm an adult. I can make dangerous decisions for myself. I'm a big girl, and if I want to risk losing the changes I made to an image by not backing up until after I'm done making those changes, I should be able to do it.

Look, your company makes beautiful things. I'm seriously weighing getting an iPad, because even though it has no USB port, no SD card port, no camera, and won't allow me to run Lightroom, I know that when I go to one of your beautiful stores with the hip and beautiful sales people and actually have one in my hands, I'm going to fall in love with the interface. It's kinda like going to a bar, having a glass or three of red wine, and going home with that edgy, hot androgynous dyke with the intense gaze and bee-stung lips. I'm sure that in the morning after, the fact that she's got the sense of adventure of a mouse will override the hot-if-unimaginative sex we had the night before.

And while I'm at it, what's with taking out the wifi-finder apps from the app store, or anything that's even mildly racy?

Look, you're becoming like the Catholic Church: We'll do your thinking for you, tell you when to have sex, what to eat on Fridays, what you can and cannot name your kids.

I can understand wanting to control the product. I can understand not wanting to ruin a mattress with 3 gallons of chocolate syrup, too--but good or bad, I want to be able to make the decision for myself if I want to pour 3 gallons of chocolate syrup over a model on a mattress and photograph ecstatic expression on her face!

I laughed out loud at the wolf-whistle from the audience when you picked up the iPad and displayed it for the first time. That was the purest form of objectification EVAR. And yes, I'm *sure* that I will become enamored once I have one in my hands. But I will prolly wait and buy one second hand, rather than put more money into your hands.

In closing, Mr. Jobs, I wish for your good health and thank you for the beauty of your products.

Ambitious Wench.
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When does happiness come? At the time of experience, or in the remembering of the experience?

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Scroll down for the...(Dramatic pause...)

Giant Pacific OCTOPUS CAM!!!

11 am and 3 pm EDT is when they feed it.

(Rey, I'm sorry, you may lose him at those times.)

Remember, Art; Don't lick the monitor.
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Dunno if it has a trebuchet, but I think you'd enjoy this book.
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A bit of backstory: February used to be the worst month of the year for me; Tail end of winter, a series of really bad relationships that went sour in that month, cold, wet, dark weather...

But *now*, here in Yosemite, February is a *good* month. Waterfalls are beginning to flow, days are beginning to get longer, Horsetail Falls provides almost nightly beauty, and best of all, I've come to truly appreciate 1/2 price Valentine's chocolate.

Seriously folks, if you love me and want to make me happy, don't buy me chocolate *for* Valentine's day, buy me 1/2 price chocolate *after* Valentine's day.

Dark Chocolate for preference, but hey, I LOVE all chocolate.

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