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I had a hell night last night. Could not sleep for shit, and I'm not entirely sure why. AT one point I found myself listening to coyotes howling nearby. I'm not too far from Leidig Meadow, perhaps they were congregating there.

But after their serenade ended, I still couldn't sleep. So I got up, launched twitter, and then found myself watching House MD and cleaning my keyboard and touchpad. For a long, long time.

Finally succumbed at about 4:30 AM.

This morning clouds began to gather midmorning. By 3:30 we were in a full-blown hail and thunderstorm.

How odd the light was just before the storm hit, green and yellow and bruised looking.

Hailstones the size of my thumbnail, and a torrential downpour, with thunderboomers 4 seconds after the flash of light. Awesome!

Mosquitoes are out in full force now. I've got several welts on my arms.

Still not sure if I was inspected today or tomorrow. I need to fold clothes and put them away. And then for bed.
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More on my day-to-day life in Yosemite.

Remember Allan, the man with the chair with the view? I told him I'd taken a picture of the chair and the view. His comment was simply "If you can't afford a room with a view, get a chair with a view."

Recently we had a fire and safety inspection. Many of my neighbors had to scramble to clean up their rooms enough to pass it--but I didn't. I have no contraband items, no hot plates, toaster ovens, no potty buckets. I can open my door completely, so egress is not blocked. I have a place for my dirty laundry, out of sight. All I did was empty my trash, make my bed.

When I lived in Tecoya dorms, I really was falling behind on keeping my side of the room neat. I had no place to put my dirty laundry. I had far too much stuff for what room I had. Moving made me rethink, and I dumped a great deal in the free bin.

Ah, yes, the free bins. Nifty concept--in the common areas in Employee housing are large trash cans full of clothing and such. You never know what you'll find in the free bins. I've seen skis, printers, telephones, cookware.

I've got several items of clothing that came from the free bin--and they all get more compliments than the stuff I bought for myself. I now have a rule--for each item I take from the free bin, I must contribute 2. In fact, over all, for each item I bring into my room, I must get rid of two. When it comes time to replace my hiking boots, I'll throw away two pairs of shoes. The old boots, and a pair of crocs--that I already "paid" for by dumping several pairs of jeans that were too big for me.

Remember the rule of computing: GIGO. Garbage in, Garbage out. In my case, Garbage in =Twice as much garbage out. Hence the title of this post: GIG(x2)O.

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