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I think I need to add "Simon's Cat" to my list of interests.
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Lately I've been thinking about who I am and how I've changed in the years since I first started using this journal. Today I finally did something based on those thoughts. I radically changed my profile here on Live Journal. I am and always be Ambitious Wench here. This is a tie to my long ago, to my first days on the net. But my Flickr account, and my Twitter account have been changed to variations of my name. As I've aged, I've focused on my skills as a photographer, and I think my online presence should reflect that. I'm not trying to bury my internet past, I'm simply moving on with who I am today.

Now, will somebody please tell Live Journal to make some sort of connection with Twitter? I'd like to be able to tweet my journal posts, not just post my tweets to my journal.
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Barmaid of Barsoom or Grignr meets John Carter of Mars. is having a contest--a free laptop to the best literary mashup. This is my humble entry:

John Carter meets Grgnr: With apologies to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jim Theis.

I opened my emerald-incarnadine orbs upon the ignorant and weird weather-beaten, dust-racked climes of the barren land which dominates large portions of the Barsoomian empire. I knew that I was in Norgolia; not once did I question either my sanity or my wakefulness. I was not comatose, no need for pinching with ironic pinchers here; my inner conscious told me as plainly that I was in the sere and parched tracks of Norgolia as your conscious mind tells you that you are upon the sere and dust-racked trails of Earth. You do not question the fact; neither did I.

I found myself standing supine upon a bed of reddish-emerald overgrowth vegetation which stretched around me in all directions for indeterminable, finite miles. I seemed to be lying in a deep, orbian basin, along the outer verges of which I could distinguish the irregularities of mean and squalid hills.

The tireless sun cast its parching rays of incandescense from overhead, half way through its daily revolution intensely upon my naked, heaving body, yet no greater than would have been true under similar conditions on an Arizona desert. Here and there were slight outcroppings of quartz-bearing rock which reflected in the sunlight; and a little to my left, perhaps a hundred yards, appeared a mean, walled enclosure about four feet in height. Acrid, trackless dessert and no other vegetation than the sapphire-green overgrowth was in evidence, and as I was somewhat thirsty I determined to do a little exploratory exploring. I hoped to find the mythic town of Gorzom, rumored to hold hordes of plunder, and bountiful supplies of wenches, free for the wresting should I have the strength for it. I blew the ocarine dust from my opaque nose. As I was about to rise from my perch to pursue my wholesome endeavors, a stygian gloom passed between me and the dessicating beams of the daystar.

Springing strongly to my feet and drawing my flashing steel, riveted from my hide-enamaled shield, I received my first Barsoomian surprise, for the effort, which on Earth would have brought me standing upright, carried me into the Norgolian air to the height of about three yards. I inflamed softly upon the ground, however, without deprecating shock or jar. Now commenced a series of revolutions which even then seemed ludicrous in the extreme. I found that I must learn to ambulate all over again, as the muscular spurt which carried me easily and safely upon Earth played strange attics with me upon the Norgolian landscape.

"Prepare to embrace your creators in the stygian haunts of hell, barbarian", gasped the dis-emvoweled Grgnr.

"Only after you have kissed the fleeting stead of death, wrench!" I deposited. "For what do we battle?"

"What else, you ill-bred, misbegotten thoat? The glory of battle, the odor of sweat and blood, and first dibs on the incomprehensible slut, Dejah Thoris, Barmaid of Barsoom!"

(The recent personal discovery of the fact that The Asylum is releasing a version of "A Princess of Mars" staring Traci Lords as Dejah Thoris inspired me: It's as if Jim Theis had re-written Burroughs' Barsoomian novels. And then it hit me--I bet that's what he was trying to do in the first place.)
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  • 20:35 @cherryblossom It's not the book, m'dear, it's the season. At least this time. #
  • 13:18 @ScottBourne Here's a question that isn't in the rules: If I offer one of my prints, would you rig it so that I will win? *grin* #
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I am so happy, I just reconnected with an old Navy friend of mine. It's been at least...ghods, what? 13 years? since we've visited. Carrie was often the voice of reason in my (relative) youth. She's 3 years younger than me, and now has a crop of lovely, lovely silver hair. I'm jealous.

Hopefully we will be able to meet up in real space in the spring.

Life is good. Life is very good.
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  • 16:51 @jimgoldstein a good kick into the pool will cure that, Jim. #
  • 16:55 @maddow my lack of Norwegian language skills prevents me from instillingering the Video. #
  • 17:10 RT @LittleRedTent Big Rock. Really BIG Rock. #
  • 19:35 For all us geeky photogs! RT @petapixel Fathers of Digital Photography win Nobel Prize in Physics - #
  • 07:31 #FF @theyosemiteblog @jimgoldstein @gdanmitchell @petapixel @hikinglady #
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  • 17:55 @YosemiteSteve Next time, download the jpg and put it up on Flickr--there's a yosemite webcam group there! #
  • 17:57 @simplytheresa IMHO, Goldilocks had it coming. #
  • 18:00 This just *can't* be real. No way. #
  • 18:09 @jeffreytrust *eyebrow up* Must. Not. Succumb. Must Not Take. The. Easy. Ones. #
  • 18:13 @simplytheresa Think you'll like this: #
  • 18:18 @simplytheresa I'm trying so hard not to let my degenerate mind take that color=meanings thing and run with it. Bad Wench! Naughty Wench! #
  • 19:41 Death is never easy to photograph. Bill Neill's tribute to a hawk #
  • 19:41 #
  • 08:37 @TheAnselAdams And to illustrate that, take a gander at this: #
  • 09:20 @kamoore64 Suggestions for winter photo locales: Gates of the Valley, Tunnel View, Sentinel Bridge, Yosemite Falls. Easy access, safer. #
  • 09:22 resist tempt. to wander in snowy Yosemite--falls on ice hurt, broken hips take long to heal. wear layers, legs included. #
  • 12:57 @AspenCreekPhoto No thanks needed--you've earned them. Keep up the good work, and Merrychirstmasolstihanuwhateveryoucelebratikah! #
  • 12:59 @Richard_Kadrey I'd be interested on what you think of it if you do try it. #
  • 13:19 @wgneill Realist/Impressionist? Yes. #
  • 15:11 Note to self: Next time, take off the circular polarizer before making images for panoramic. *noddle* #
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  • 21:42 @photonaturalist It depends on how much you want to spend. I use Aspen Creek, but they are pricey--and worth each and every penny. #
  • 21:49 @photonaturalist Yes, that's them. Posters on Fuji Crystal Archive--matte, gloss or--YUM!--Pearl. Way pricey--$20-ish before postage--each! #
  • 21:57 @photonaturalist They are pretty darn quick--however, this is their busy season. Give'm 3-4 days + USPS delivery. Or $pend for FedEx del. #
  • 22:00 @photonaturalist Steve, if you can wait til Fri, they often have weekend specials, 10%-35% off. Get their newsletter. Worth it! #
  • 22:02 disclaimer/disclosure: Not compensated at all by Aspen Creek Photo; Just a happy customer! #
  • 22:28 @photonaturalist BTW, thanks for the cold-weather photo resources! #
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  • 17:40 To the young lady trying to photograph the snow-covered hills while driving on the freeway: Your brakes don't control the shutter release. #
  • 19:39 If I weren't an atheist, I'd consider being a Quaker: #
  • 21:46 @cherryblossom tip: tonic with quinine for soreness on the morrow. #
  • 07:31 @jeffreytrust Please drive carefully, Jeffrey! #
  • 07:31 @clsteele Dear art schools, please stand naked in front of yr heater before youask an art model do so. If U cnt feel heat12" away it sucks. #
  • 07:34 Little known fact about me: I've been a life model at Brown University, RISD, Roger Williams University, Bridgewater State, and for friends #
  • 07:59 @YosemiteSteve I'll be heading to Yosemite Falls shortly--hope to see you there! #
  • 08:00 @cherryblossom Once again--tonic with quinine for sore muscles, m'dear! #
  • 08:10 "Winter isn't really a zombie time." "Zombies have a tendancy to freeze and crack in winter." (overheard phone convo, my reply.) #
  • 09:19 @cherryblossom It's important to also move a bit, work out the lactic acid from your muscles. #
  • 10:28 @jimgoldstein Now you know why I live in a tiny room with no running water, work for peanuts. My "house" is 7 miles long, 1 mile wide. #
  • 10:31 toe warmers, check. down vest & jacket, check. rainpants, check. thermal undies, check. gloves, check. camera, card, battery, tripod, check. #
  • 10:35 circular polarizer, check. remote release, check. GND filters, check. Howie the Duckie, check. Microfiber cloth, check. #
  • 10:37 OK, off to finally take pictures! #
  • 10:53 Either it's so cold my gear shift has frozen, or my tranny is ger-borken. Hoping it unfreezes. #
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  • 23:38 Swedish lumber, because the title of that Beattles song triggers a bot with a link to some guy on YouTube playing the song. #
  • 23:40 Or maybe I should go with Icelandic erection? Oh, ghods, I wonder what kind of twee-bots will rise to that bait! Not. #
  • 12:30 Power outage in Yosemite Valley. We have a generator hre in Highland court, has cut out 1x since outage. #
  • 12:30 Generator has shut down, still have power. That was quick. #
  • 12:31 Betcha someone hit a power pole on 140, PG&E must have rerouted around it. Hope they're ok. #
  • 15:39 Just got back from a longish walk to the Visitor Center and back--offloading images now. Gee, guess I'm not the first to say 1' of snow! #
  • 15:56 It's snowing right now. Again. #
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  • 19:20 Hungry. Need food. Off to be hunter-gatherer of comestibles. #
  • 21:24 RT @LittleRedTent Take a friend. #
  • 21:25 RT @LittleRedTent Take (another) Friend #
  • 21:43 RT @LittleRedTent Slow Speed Study #
  • 22:15 Utterly, utterly sick and oh, oh, OH! So wrong: Santa, No! (NSFW. No, really: N.S.F.W. Or your sanity.) #
  • 12:29 Oh the weather outside is frightful/But the fire is so delightful/And since we've no place to go/Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! #
  • 14:18 Lunch time! Off to the lodge. Getting seriously colder here. #
  • 15:09 @clsteele I can't afford one--I'd have to cut up an old mink coat and build one myself. #
  • 15:32 Off to take pictures of this first snowfall. #
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  • 09:07 Whole buncha whiteboyz and one black man sing 12 days of Xmas: Straight No Chaser #
  • 09:11 Not often I actually laugh out loud over stuff on interwebs--I guffawed over Straight No Chaser's 12 Days of Xmas. Srsly. #
  • 09:41 @cherryblossom did you see the one black man when they did that? I about died! Hee! #
  • 10:59 One for @scascot: #
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  • 18:39 @rudepundit Better you than me, you poor bastard. So glad I don't own a TV. #
  • 20:41 @cherryblossom Doncha love "artistic license"? #
  • 07:34 @ScottBourne No they wouldn't. *fangy grin* #
  • 09:51 @YosemiteScience *blink*--am I the only one who sees the irony of a pitch to attend lecture on impact of high visitation? #
  • 09:52 RT@Yosemitescience: Attend Dec. 8 lecture on visitor-use patterns in Yosemite. High visitation can overwhelm facilities & impact resources. #
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  • 06:48 Ginmar writes on military service, and you should read it: #
  • 14:03 @tomagain I'd say it's repetative rather than plain. Add more variety! #
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  • 17:04 $_HOLIDAY decorations are up. Early this year, I know. #
  • 17:13 @steampunked That doesn't sound good, but at least it's bloodless. It is bloodless, isn't it? #
  • 17:24 @steampunked Sorry, dear, Rethugs turning on each other is pretty normal here, and an endless source of amusement for Progressives. #
  • 08:56 I blame @tomagain: "Childhood is afterthought with wisdom." #
  • 09:01 @tomagain Amongst the random inanity are some rather profound thoughts: "Life without honesty is a life without clothing" #
  • 09:45 If you've read the text, you'll know why this is The.Best.Cover.EVAR: #
  • 10:04 @cherryblossom You REALLY need to watch Buffy Vs. Edward. *noddle* #
  • 10:20 Please reply: How many of my followers have actually read "The Eye of Argon"? Note I don't ask "...with a straight face". #
  • 10:24 @cherryblossom Google "Eye of Argon". It's The.Worst.Fantasy.EVAR. #
  • 10:39 @wgneill What I find remarkable and delightful is the print option on every image; What is freely given cannot be stolen #
  • 10:39 RT @wgneill Here is a link to some amazing photos by Christopher Griffith: #
  • 11:40 @scascot Wimp! To be fair, best way is with a group of friends. See how long you can last before breakdown. #
  • 12:21 @scascot There's a Mst3k version out there that makes it even funnier. #
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(family walking by the shop)

Dad, look a bookstore! Let's take a look.

Why? It's just books.

Come on. It will just take a minute.

Let's get some ice cream instead.
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  • 20:38 Win a new Macbook Pro on Cyber Monday 2009. Details here: #
  • 21:55 Home, tireds and going to bed. Norwegian Wood. #
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  • 16:49 my feet hurt. #
  • 17:00 @random_bunny Re: emergency back-up feet--yes, but I sent them out for resizing. #
  • 17:06 @random_bunny with lots of fur, especially between the toes. #
  • 18:21 Win a Think Tank StreetWalker HardDrive photo backpack from OPGear! Details here: Pls RT #
  • 22:15 Norwegian wood. #
  • 06:07 RT @ScottBourne When I make a photo that causes someone to think, smile, laugh or cry, what camera, lens, f-stop is of no importance to them #
  • 06:48 Holy Carp! You have GOT to see this shot by Rebecca Jackrel: #
  • 09:56 Hiya, Michael! Welcome to my tawdry life on Twitter. Just placed an order for card reader and 2gig thumbdrive. #
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  • 17:18 Offloading images from the Ahwahnee Meadow--Ansel's Moon was a no show due to clouds, but all sorts of photography illuminaries were there! #
  • 17:22 Will be going to the Ansel Adams Gallery for the reception for Alan Ross. #
  • 17:25 @random_bunny You think it'll work? It'll take a miracle! #
  • 08:02 Patrick Stewart gets it: #
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  • 18:44 Happy Hyperphagia Day, everybody! Winter's coming, better put some meat on them bones. #
  • 22:45 Ah, the turkey coma finally wins. Norwegian wood. #
  • 06:17 Lingering Color | View from the Little Red Tent #
  • 07:31 What She Said: Sunfell on "Blah Friday": #
  • 07:49 James Nicholl on Sarah Palin: "...and she's probably not bilingual" #
  • 15:06 RT @TIME See the photographs behind the art of Norman Rockwell | #
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