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Not for nothing, Europe, but as a survivor of the May 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State, let me give you some important advice regarding volcanic ash.

Don't replace your car's air filter with a new one if it gets clogged with ash from (mumblemumble), the Icelandic volcano. New filters are more porous than used ones. As dust collects, it reduces the size of the pores in the filters, and actually cleans better than a new one. Smaller holes, more dirt trapped. New ones have bigger holes, which allow the ash to enter your engine. Remember, your airports are shut down so that ash doesn't get into the engines of jet aircraft.

Here's what you do: Take the filter out, tap it to knock the ash off. Put it back in. That's it.

All the best to you folks over there. Hope this clears up soon, and you can resume your travels. Be safe, Have fun, and if you don't breathe, you'll die.

Edie in Yosemite.

(American readers, would you kindly pass this to your European friends? They'll thank you.)

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