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Compared to folks who can write articles on "spooky" communication between atoms (a delicious term coined by Einstein), I'm Nothing Special (TM). Oh, I know, I do ok. But then there are times when I am confronted with the Profound Stupidity of human beings, and I feel gifted with the intellect of the greatest minds of all ages in comparison.

A friend of mine once asked me what it takes to get a job in Yosemite. My response was simply "a pulse".

I've taken to using it a lot lately. When some numb nut comes in with his uniforms filthy with WAY more than just not washing the last set he wore, claiming he has to catch the bus in 10 minutes so he can go back to school, I point to the big sign that says "Unlaundered uniforms will not be accepted for return or exchange". The usual response is "Nobody *told* me!".

I take the fetid mess with an acid look, and send them on their way. As soon as the last jangle of the door bell fades away, I mutter "All it takes is a fucking pulse".

Tonight, however, it went WAY beyond the pale. We are talking the Hand of God Poised Over the Shallow End of the Gene Pool With the Chlorine Bottle Tipped and About to Dispense kind of Stupidity.

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